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General Features of ERP

Check for various general features / capabilities in our ERP as under:

Extremely User Friendly and No need of Trained Users.
Caters for Multiple Companies, multiple Divs., multiple units, multiple stores
Context Sensitive Help to guide ordinary users
User defined 12 Level of Groupings for Raw Materials/Parties/Fin Goods
Reports as per Indian Conditions for all kinds of Statutory Records
Reports in the GUI (Laser/Ink Jet) , Text (DMP) , Grid , Graph Formats
Reports can be drilled down to A/c Ledgers -> Vr. Level
Reports can be sent as E-Mail attachment or Exported to Excel
Users can make their own reports without any Technical Knowledge
Four Level of Data Security
Chain Level Authorization for Indents/PO /All Other Vouchers
User Defined Multiple Contact Database and Auto Mail Sending

Period closing facility to freeze data
Modular Design and can be implemented in parts

User defined powers for Data Entry /Modifications /Access

Built in Excellent BI Tool, Query Designer and Reporting Tool with user defined Report Templates
Excellent Rich Windows GUI and Security with ease of Internet deployment.