Web enabled .NET Front End, Oracle 10g backend, general features, look & feel, Screen snapshots

Kiran Consultants (P) Ltd. Noida (UP) - India


ERP System at Delhi/ NCR   Allows WEB access  Estd  Noida  1986  LIVE at Many Units aa

  Product Range
  Other Information

Some Snapshots


BI Tool giving monthly trends for the whole year on Party A/c. This type of Trend analysis are available for Items , Cost Centers, Departments, Sales Types, Purchase Types also.


For all the Reports you have the facility to Select Any User defined Grouping of Your choice. Further you can filter the reports on Items / Ledger A/cs / Finished Products etc.  All the Masters can be selected for whole  or Range or A/cs or for selected accounts at your choice.

You can drill down the reports to Ledger A/cs -> to Vr. Level -> Subsidiary Breakup etc.


You can export your reports into varied formats such Word Documents, Excel , Lotus , Text Reports etc. The report data can be saved as simple ASCII file also which can be directly linked with Excel.

Text Reports               (on Dot Matrix Printers)
Crystal Report            (on Inkjet/Laser Printers)
Grid Reports                (For User Manipulation of Columns)
Graph Reports            (With User Defined types) 
User Define Report Templates for future use 
Saving Reports in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, Doc, XL)
Reports History
Exporting Reports/Data to Excel/Word/HTML/Text /PDF
Online Email of reports from inbuilt contacts database with report attachments as Excel/Word/HTML/Text /PDF etc.


  User Define Graphs
  On Line Help System


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