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Few of general questions asked regarding ERP are given as under:

What is ERP ???                                      
Cost of ERP
Benefits of  ERP
Whether ERP is WEB Enabled
Cost of Hardware Required
ERP is very expensive
Can ERP be implemented in Parts
ERP requires Trained Staff

Time Required to implement ERP

Process to implement ERP
Parallel Running of Accounts

What is ERP ???                                             Top


It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning where by: 


You wish to use your existing resources to best possible extent

You integrate various departments to share the required information

You provide selected information to be published over WEB to be accessed by your Suppliers and Customers.

Your Branches can log on Orders Directly and see latest status

All the information about your Group/Company is at your Desktop


Cost of ERP                                           Top   

Cost of Flexibiz Lite ERP is just Rs.4 Lacs onwards for all the General Applications in ERP. Flexibiz Gold cost Rs. 10 Lacs +  It varies based on:


Customization required

Number of Users who will be accessing the ERP

Locations of Units

Variation in Business Processes of different Units.

  Cost reduces if you opt for lesser modules
Benefits of  ERP                                                     Top 
  Days of running stand alone FA Packages are gone. Implementing ERP has become a necessity, if you want to stay in competition. Check yourself for the following benefits:-  ....detail


Whether ERP is WEB Enabled                                            Top

Microsoft's Click Once Deployment is used which provides you Excellent Rich Windows GUI ,Security and Controls  and yet provides you ease of Internet Deployment.


Access to Production /Dispatch Status is provided to Customers related to their accounts and access related to purchase is provided to suppliers which is further related to their account.


Cost of Hardware Required                                                    Top

Our ERP Solution can be implemented with Minimal Hardware Requirements

Server may be XEON (3.0 GHz Dual Core) Single processor based if number of users are 10 -12. Dual processor based server is advised for Medium sized Units. Branded Server with On Line UPS is must. 2 to 4 GB RAM and 36 GB Hard Disk is sufficient in most of the cases. Cost of Lower End Branded Server varies from Rs.60000 to Rs.3 Lacs.

Nodes can be assembled ones with Pentium III or Higher with min. 512 Mb RAM. Cost varies from Rs.15000 onwards.


ERP is very expensive                                                        Top
  You can start implementing ERP by Selected Application(s) which would recover your costs fast and then you can integrate them with other applications.
  Best application to start with is the Sales and Distribution which is very poorly managed by Standard Solutions available in the market and it needs to be tailored specially to suit your requirements.


You can also go ahead for our Flexibiz Lite  ERP Solution which is least expensive and covers all main areas as required by small units.  You can upgrade it to Flexibiz Gold ERP any time which has advance level features and is fully customizable.


Can ERP be implemented in Parts                                               Top

  Yes this is very well feasible

  Our ERP System is designed Modular and is divided into Materials , Finance ,Fixed Assets, Time Office, Payroll ,Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing so that even if you want to implement One Area, you can do it without the rigidity of implementing all the areas simultaneously. Modules fully integrate with each other. Buy in parts and you pay as you move further successfully. You get sure success without any risk of heavy investments.

You start with Sales and Distribution which is always Co. Specific

You integrate it with Materials

You integrate it with Production

You integrate it with Excise Records

You integrate it with FA/FM Modules

You integrate it with Pay Roll Modules


ERP requires Trained Staff                                                     Top

  Our ERP System is very user friendly. We take the responsibility to successfully implement ERP in your Company with the help of existing staff.

  You need not hire any separate Database Administrator. Existing EDP Staff will be trained for the essential DBA requirements to run our ERP System.

  Further our support staff is always available to attend your calls and troubleshoot through Remote Support. Services are rendered on Telephone and/or on site as required.


Time Required to implement ERP                                            Top

  It takes about 2 to 6 months to implement all modules. Sales & Distribution applications and Manufacturing Applications are very Customer Specific and take longer time. Other applications have greater level of standardization.


Process to implement ERP                                                        Top

We carry out brief feasibility study of your Company

Offer is given defining broad scope of work and order is finalized

We carry out detailed feasibility study of each department. As is and To be are explained to the users very specifically so there is no confusion as to what is going to be available.

Training is started on our Standard ERP System in your Company

Customization is started simultaneously at our Office

Initially Item Masters , FA Masters , BOM are created

Trial Run Starts and Test Data Results are seen

ERP System goes Live


Parallel Running of Accounts                                                      Top

Small and Medium Companies going ahead for ERP System are generally running Accounts Package as well as Store Accounting Package. Other operations are fully /partly manual. There is greater level of standardization in the accounts and/or  Stores Application. 


Duplicate feeding of Vrs. in the normal accounting system as well as ERP System is extremely difficult. As far as accounting and stores are concerned, you need not run parallel system except for few days till the time users get comfortable with it.  Our System is bound to give you accurate results as desired.



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