ERP Software Solution Providers for Units manufacturing electronic electrical parts/components

Kiran Consultants (P) Ltd. Noida (UP) - India


ERP Solution at Noida / NCR   Allows WEB access  Estd  Noida  1986  LIVE at Many Units aa

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ERP for Electronics Units


Customized ERP software for all Electronic/electrical Units manufacturing Audio/Video Player, Music Systems, Mobiles , Telephones , Televisions, Tuners and/or other Electronic Components etc. CRM ,SCM, CS Modules can be given as WEB Based.

System Design


Our ERP System is designed Modular and is divided into Materials , Finance ,Fixed Assets, Time Office, Payroll ,Sales & Distribution so that even if we want to implement One Area, you can do it without the rigidity of implementing all the areas simultaneously. Modules fully integrate with each other. Buy in parts and you pay as you move further successfully. You get sure success without any risk of heavy investments.


Platform used is Oracle 10g as Backend and VB.Net (Visual Studio 2005) as Front End which are the world’s best development tools as on date. Excellent Rich Windows GUI with built in BI Tool along with the ease of Internet deployment.  Various applications covered are given as under:-


Materials Application

Multi Stores System. Individual Unit can have many stores.
Purchase Order Amendments and its tracks
Alternate Units of Measurement and Physical Variances
Indents, Purchases, PO Amendments
QC Inspections, re-inspections and Floor Rejections
Quotation Comparisons from different vendors
Store Valuations based on FIFO/ Wt.Avg /Latest Price methods
Separates Excisable/Non Excisable, Indigenous/Imported stocks for qty as well as value terms for the same items.
Stores MIS based on Levels, ABC, VED, FSN, Cost Centers, Dept etc.
Returnable Goods, Job work Goods balancing
Vendor rating analysis based on Delivery, Quality etc.
BOM , RM Requirements
BOM Revision ,Job Costing , WIP Balancing
Kit Issues and Online Batch Shortages

Sales & Distribution

Multi Unit System
Proper Controls kept for MRP based Duty
Order as per specific rates or User defined  Price Lists
Dispatch documents like Excise Invoice 1, Insurance declarations , Chalans
All Excise Records, Monthly Returns and supporting statements
All Export Documents like Packing List, PI, Export Invoice, Shipping Bill
Bank Advise , ECGC Application and Returns etc.
Exhaustive Sales MIS based on Orders , Items

FA/FM Application

Multi Unit System. Individual Co. can have many Divs. and Div. can have multiple Units.
User defined Bank /Journal / Sales/Purchase Books
User defined Vr. Series and authorizations for various categories of vrs.
Cheque Printing and Bank Reconciliation
Exhaustive MIS related to AR and AP Modules
On Line TDS deduction, Certificate Generation and eTDS returns
Modules for FDs, Bank Guarantee , LC , Bills Discounting
Cost Center, Location based and Subsidiary based analysis
Budgetary Control based on A/cs, Group of a/cs , Cost Centers
Exhaustive Sales Tax Accounting for Forms Pendency , Utilization, Balancing VAT Accounting

Fixed Assets Application

Multi Unit System
Depreciation as per Co. Law requirements for SLM / WDV methods
Sum Assured Calculation as followed by Insurance Cos.
Transfer, Discard, Sale of assets in whole or part of the asset.
Asset History Cards

Time Office Application

Multi Unit System
Integrates with Card Reading Machines
Prepares Attendance Records
Disciplinary Actions to be taken to control late coming, absenteeism
Updates Pay Roll Data for Salary as well as Overtime
Helps for Shift Planning and Shift Rotation
Provides for Exceptional Grace, Managerial Authorizations

Pay Roll Application

Employees Categorized into Unit/ Grade/ Departments/ Work/ Departments/ processes
Generates Joining and Leaving Forms
ESI / PF / Bonus / Gratuity Statements
Detailed Leave records for CL /EL/ Comp Leave /ML /Sick /LWP
Records for Casual Workers
Pay MIS related to Cost to Company/ Departments
Auto salary cheques to be posted to bank book
Appraisal and Increments
Advance Control for balances and deductions
TDS Management and Salary Certificate as required


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